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Common Questions

Up-front or solar lease?

Up-front is the old way, where you pay for your system in full when it’s installed. It’s the cheapest overall, but it takes time to save up for.

Up-front: an example

In September 2014 we put a 100kW system on a business in Orange, NSW.

The market rate was $130,000 including GST and STCs.

We used European inverters and CEC accredited panels. We got it for $90,000 including GST and STCs.

The owner paid ‘OneBigSun’ half the difference, and we advised them through the process.

We’re already $20,000 cheaper than the rest of the market. Group purchases will make it even better.

Solar leasing is where the system is installed, and you pay for panels over time with the savings from your bill.

You spend no extra: money that would have gone to grid power companies pays for your solar instead. There’s no need to save, you can have it now.

Solar leasing started in America in 2007. Solar leasing now sells 75% of all new panels in California.

The rest of the world is catching up. In July 2014 the Australian Government provided $120 million for solar leasing in Australia.

American and Australian solar leasers space repayments over 15 years. Eight to nine years is enough for us, depending what state you’re in, and the sunshine you get.

Solar leasing: an example

In November 2013 we put a 30 kilowatt system on a school in Wollongong, NSW.

The school paid nothing.

Their next bill was $3,000 less than usual.

That saving came to us: the school paid nothing extra for power.

In 8 years, the system and savings are all their’s.

Systems last at least 25 years. The school will save a minimum of $200,000, maybe more as power prices go up.

RET Review

You may have heard about RET reviews and the solar sky falling. That doesn’t affect us.

The Renewable Energy Target for 2020 was 41,000 GWh/year for large scale PV, and 4,000 GWh/year for small scale solar.

With demand for power falling, Australia should meet the small target, and Government is discussing the future of assistance.

But we are nowhere near the big solar goal, and that’s why “OneBigSun” exists.

Besides, the group purchase will drive down prices anyhow.


We don’t normally do systems under 5kW. If you can arrange a group over 10kW, let’s talk.

We don’t quote “blind”: we need to see your roof.

It takes time and work to prepare quotes. If a great price is all you need, talk to us.

If you’re not really into it and a great price wouldn’t help, we suggest you wait a bit.